“We won’t ever go back to whatever we think normal was, to the way things were. The world is not standing still, it’s moving on.”

Digital is on the rise. No getting away from it. Emerging technologies and trends, such as Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, Cloud, API Banking, or the Internet of Things (IoT) pledge to allow us to optimise capacity and processes, to get more intelligence out of data and to effectively collaborate with others – and as such they promise to drive transformation and inject innovation into the industry.

Digital a game-changer?

The potential gains of some new emerging technologies are indisputable - increased connectivity, efficiency, and transparency. This will also lead to enhanced control and oversight – for financial services, and beyond.

However, in all talks about the ‘digital disruption’ it should not be forgotten that in transaction banking we are building upon strong foundations such as data, platforms, infrastructure and straight-through-processing.

More on Blockchain, Data, FinTech and Beyond

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