Financial supply chain management

Many corporations are looking for innovations to strengthen relationships with core suppliers and improve the economics of their supply chains

The solutions

Sponsored by a buyer organisation, our flexible Supplier Finance (SF) product range provides selected suppliers with financing opportunities during distinct phases of the Financial Supply Chain.

Pre-Shipment finance
This process begins at the placement of a confirmed order by the buyer. Suppliers may request via our FSC platform ‘attractively priced’ short-term finance, after purchase orders have been authenticated by the respective buyers.

Post- Shipment finance
This may be triggered by the electronic provision of invoice information to us. Invoice information can be provided by suppliers (unapproved) or by buyers (approved). On an integrated end-to-end process flow basis, previous Pre-Shipment finance transactions may be automatically converted into post –shipment finance transactions.

Confirmed payable
After invoices have been approved by buyers and corresponding account payable are booked in the buyer’s ledger, buyers may provide us with confirmed payables information. This information is posted to on our FSC Portal and made accessible to relevant suppliers in a secure environment. By leveraging their good financial standing, strong buyers may provide selected suppliers with attractive funding opportunities and other advantages.

Distributor Finance
Distributor Finance provides finance to creditworthy distributors in order to finance their purchase of finished goods from manufacturers. The benefits are access to working capital, increased liquidity, improved cash flow and better management of trading relationships.
Many corporates also use Distributor Finance solutions to increase their sales through the distributor network.

Receivable Finance
Corporate clients (sellers) increasingly choose to enter into revolving Receivables Purchase Agreements (RPAs) with Deutsche Bank to obtain access to alternative, attractively-priced funding.
Non-recourse receivables purchase programs provide access to additional liquidity, mitigate risks from non-payment and reduce Days Sales Outstanding (DSO). They also achieve sales growth in cases where the ability to sell is restricted by a lack of internal credit appetite on their customers.

The benefits

Using our supplier finance solutions offers both buyers and suppliers the opportunity to improve and protect their working capital.

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