Structured trade finance

Constant developments in international markets open up new opportunities and growth potential for international trade. That’s why it’s vital that structured trade transactions require a strong and experienced banking partner with an international network to provide financing, risk management and, if necessary, support in both clearing and hedging of FX risks. We provide a complete range of efficient and secure services for payment transfers “on paper”

The solutions

Agency Finance
Our teams of experts work closely with Export Credit Agencies (ECAs) and Private Risk Insurance companies (PRIs). The advantages of an ECA and/ or PRI covered transaction include availability in situations where stand-alone financing would not be feasible; relative long repayment periods, including a grace period; cover in most convertible currencies; fixed interest rate options; security of payments for suppliers; significant country risk mitigation; standardised documentation processes.

Structured Commodity Trade Finance (SCTF)

Structured Commodity Trade Finance (SCTF) at Deutsche Bank covers commodity-collateralised trade-related finance structures in Emerging Markets and in OECD Markets.

Commodities covered include exchange-traded commodities across the energy, metals and softs complexes, along with certain mainstream non-exchange traded commodity complexes such as ferrous metals (including across all steel products), ores and tobacco.

The core products of SCTF rely on self-liquidating [offshore] cash flows generated from the trading of commodities to support the finance structure and mitigate associated credit and transfer risks.

Syndicated Trade Loans

We are one of the market leaders in providing corporate and financial institution clients with syndicated trade loans to finance cross-border purchases and/or sales of goods or services.
Syndicated trade loans are provided by a group of lenders to a borrower. They are structured, arranged, and administered by one or several commercial or investment banks known as arrangers and because they allow the sharing of credit risk between various financial institutions they are a significant source of international financing.

Trade Receivables Finance

Trade receivables are generated from the sale of goods or services to another company. Trade receivables finance enables a company to finance against these trade receivables in order to increase day-to-day cash flow, improve its ability to fulfil further orders and meet the daily operating costs of the business. We provide numerous trade receivables finance products and services such as factoring and forfeiting to provide you with unique financing opportunities.

Advisory and Distribution Services

Our highly experienced structured trade finance team can address client's’ needs, whether as arranger, underwriter, agent or distributor. We can tailor solutions to meet the client’s exact needs for all sizes of transactions.

Our expertise in the world’s financial markets and world-wide presence gives its trade finance clients access to capital markets and a powerful distribution platform for primary and secondary markets, thereby facilitating the successful syndication of trade loans. 

The benefits

  • Dedicated presence throughout all major import and export markets
  • A leading arranger and underwriter of major syndicated trade and export finance transactions
  • Proven ability to develop and arrange innovative trade and export finance solutions
  • Excellent contacts with all major multi-lateral and bilateral institutions and export credit agencies
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